Specialized equipment

AL Inspection uses state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to detect probelms more easily.

Report and video given on site

AL Inspection lets you to avoid useless delays. Once the inspection is completed, we give you a written report and a video of the inspection, on site.

Higher quality standards

AL Inspection carries out inspections according to the highest industry standards. We respect the AIBQ's Standards of Practice.

7 days a week

AL Inspection is synonymous with flexibility. For your urgent needs, our building inspectors are available to help you 7 days a week

Our team

Elaine Rousseau, Certify Building Inspector

Before becoming a building inspector, Elaine Rousseau worked in construction for over 10 years. Her rigour and professionalism have allowed her to surpass herself in everything she takes on. This veritable Jill-of-all- trades brings her vitality and efficiency to the team.

Stéphanie L. Administrative Assistant

With over 15 years of experience in customer service in the office, Stéphanie is undoubtedly the best person to guide you through all the procedures with her great sense of professionalism and her attentive service.

Patrice Lagacé, Certified Building Inspector

Having accumulated over 15 years of experience in building inspection, Patrice Lagacé holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Jovial in nature, he is appreciated for his listening skills and his empathy. He explains complex things with great ease and loves spending time with clients.

Cynthia Laforte, Operations Manager

Having joined AL Inspection in 2004, Cynthia Laforte has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and training in building inspection. Over the years, she has used her leadership skills in various positions at the AIBQ, including being its President. She is a recipient of the Stephen Greenford award for her dedication to the advancement and development of the building inspector profession in Canada.

Michel Angelo Laforte, Certified Building Inspector

The founder of AL Inspection, Michel Angelo Laforte has been a building inspector for over 20 years. Equipped with vast experience in the field, he contributed to the drafting of the AIBQ’s (Quebec Building Inspector’s Association) Standard of Practice. Professional, efficient and dedicated, he is particularly attuned to his clients’ concerns and makes sure to keep them well informed.

Stéfanie Gauthier, Administrative Assistant

Holding a Master’s degree in Environmental and Work-related Health, Stéfanie Gauthier first got interested in issues related to chronic water infiltration in buildings. A hard, devoted and enlightened worker, she is indispensable to the proper functioning of the office.


Our approach is centred on technological precision. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology we are able to do more in-depth visual inspections, allowing us to detect a greater number of issues. Our priority continues to be our clients’ satisfaction. We make sure to give them the most information possible on their property, so as to help them avoid nasty surprises.

AL Inspection offre un service d'inspection pré-achat pour maison

Laser level

We use a laser level to check if there are level variations in the building, these being a potential sign of structural problems.​

Thermal camera

We use a thermal camera to measure the differences in wall temperature, which may indicate, among other things, a breakdown in insulation, condensation or a water infiltration problem.

Moisture metre

A moisture metre allows us to detect excessive humidity at the material level in order to prevent mildew, which can create costs and important health-related problems.


From the pre-purchase inspection to the preventative inspection, passing through the pre-delivery inspection and an air quality analysis, our building inspectors are masters in single-family homes, condos and income properties.

Purchasing a property is an important step in your life. Making a pre-purchase inspection is just as important, as it allows you to identify visible issues or revealing signs of problems, allowing you to avoid nasty surprises before your purchase.

Before heading to the notary for the purchase of a new property, we recommend having it inspected. Whether for a house, a condo, a multiplex or the common areas of a joint ownership, a pre-delivery inspection will protect your purchase.

A preventative inspection is recommended for homeowner associations. This is useful for identifying  building issues and planning the work to be done. Contingency funds can then be consequently re-evaluated.

It’s possible to take a Monitoring of Quality of air, the instrument measure the particles in air, it’s not indicating specifically what is it but  it including like Mold, Asbestos, Allergy and dusts and others. Done during the inspection, this analysis will help you save time and money and if the quality need actions.


For our first purchase offer, the inspection revealed major shortcomings, all explained in an easy-to-understand fashion. The work was estimated at $30 000, so we exercised our right to withdraw. For the 2nd offer, the work was estimated at about $12 000. We were able to negotiate and get the price reduced to $10 000.

Pierre Pellerin

My building inspector was very good at explaining things to me, and guiding me in the purchase of my first house. I got my inspection report on the same day, which helped me a lot in negotiating.

Stephanie Volpi

Excellent service! Making an appointment was simple, fast and efficient. The inspector was punctual, very professional and made an extensive report, which was given to us on a USB key at the end of the visit.

Christian Bellemare

This is the third time I've done business with AL Inspection. The staff is very professional and respectful. The material used is state of the art technology and the experts respond well to questions.

Marcela Machuca

We've called upon AL Inspection twice before a purchase, with two different inspectors, and we will continue to do so. As much attention to detail and professionalism is exactly what you want before making as important a decision as buying a house.

Mac Caveng

Very quick, polite and professional services. The inspector was qualified and knew his work well. He made specific recommendations to me, as things progressed. Thank you to the AL Inspection team.

Cindy Sorel

It was the first time that I needed to do an inspection on a purchase and I was very satisfied. The inspector arrived on time and explained the process before beginning. I was surprised at everything he checked; I recommend AL inspection.

Laf Chantal
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